I inherited a demo model of a Juiceman juicer from a friend of mine that sold juicers back in 1992. I still have that juicer she gave me and I think it will always be a favorite. My juicer is a very basic model and works steady and reliably. I started juicing because I wanted to be healthier and lose some weight as well. I got a book and experimented with different juicing recipes. Before long, I was hooked! I not only lost weight, I got much healthier too. Now days you can get any number of recipes on the internet that will help you address different health issues or to add variety to your juicing regimen. One of the things my friend cautioned me about was to make sure I only juiced organic vegetables and fruit. This was a foreign concept to me at the time but I took her expert word for it. She explained that when juicing, you are getting the very concentrated essence of the fruit or vegetable. If there are any pesticides that the plant has incorporated, you will be making a very potent cocktail of these poisons that will go straight into your digestive system and throughout your body. My friend learned the hard way as she ended up in the hospital from pesticide poisoning by juicing non-organic vegetables. It pays to do your research on the different properties of the vegetables and fruits you will be using I found. If you are new to juicing, be very conservative with the amount of juice you start drinking each day. It is usually better to ease into juicing rather than chugging down whole glasses at a time. If your system is used to a non-healthy diet, you just might find your body rebelling at first with the very healthy juice you are introducing to your system. Start slow and be persistent and you will be a pro juicer in no time! Signed, V. L.

I used the Bob Sports Utility Stroller D'Lux made by Bob gear Strollers.It was a pretty good stroller if you were going on trails or a outdoor activity.But I wasn't happy with it for using at malls or just normal everyday use.

Plus it weighs around 20lbs.not real heavy I know but for someone small like me,it was kinda tough to get in and out of the trunk of my car. But on the few times I used it outside it was nice.It will roll over pretty much any kind of terrain at a pretty easy pace.I toke it on a hiking trail one time with my baby and husband and it was a great item for that experience.It was nice to be able to walk the trails and not have to carry my son the whole time.And to be able to push him in the stroller and not get hung up on rocks and holes.I enjoyed being able to enjoy the out doors and nature with my child with out the struggles that other strollers cause. Be sure to check them out before committing.

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