I used the Bob Sports Utility Stroller D'Lux made by Bob gear Strollers.It was a pretty good stroller if you were going on trails or a outdoor activity.But I wasn't happy with it for using at malls or just normal everyday use.

Plus it weighs around 20lbs.not real heavy I know but for someone small like me,it was kinda tough to get in and out of the trunk of my car. But on the few times I used it outside it was nice.It will roll over pretty much any kind of terrain at a pretty easy pace.I toke it on a hiking trail one time with my baby and husband and it was a great item for that experience.It was nice to be able to walk the trails and not have to carry my son the whole time.And to be able to push him in the stroller and not get hung up on rocks and holes.I enjoyed being able to enjoy the out doors and nature with my child with out the struggles that other strollers cause. Be sure to check them out before committing.

Because of the higher quality tires that are on it.It can also be hocked up to a Bicycle if you are into biking.That's not something I am into so that feature was never used on mine.So I have no advice for that feature.

So for me and the way I used the stroller it was to big and bulky to justify having it.But for someone that does a lot of hiking or bike riding it would be a good stroller to own.But I feel if your not looking for a stroller to use outdoors you shouldn't spend that much money on a stroller, and you can purchase much cheaper strollers that are just as good if you only intend to use it indoors.

Well I hope this helps the moms and dads looking for advice on purchasing a stroller.Good Luck and have fun with your Baby cause they grow up so fast enjoy every second with them!!!

Next purchase? A car seat for these two bundles. Gotta keep the kids safe.

Melissa Smith wrote this article and contributed it this blog. Thank you Melissa! She is a big fan of twins life magazine. She needs all the help she can get, or so she says.

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